Traveler's Community by travelers.

We are at the service of adventurers of the world by providing them a sharing tool for ecological awareness.

Our Mission.

Develop a tool allowing you to publish your trips, become aware of your ecological impact and make a positive contribution to carbon neutrality.

The first step towards a cleaner tourism sector is awareness of the impact of travel on the environment.

This is 8% of the total greenhouse gas emissions on which we, travelers, can have a positive impact by promoting cleaner transport such as the train or by choosing nearby destinations.

Our Values.

The Sharing

We promote benevolence and respect within our community to build a welcoming and warm place.

We do everything we can to develop solidarity and mutual aid between our users.

The Respect of Environment

Committed to the environment, we make a point of not showing any form of guilt or moralism towards our community.

We are committed to doing everything possible to reduce the pollution produced by our technology.

Beware of Greenwashing: carbon offsetting represents only a small part of the effort required for a more eco-responsible world.


We are committed to being 100% transparent.

We work transparently with our users, investors, partners and we demand the same in return.

Our method of calculating greenhouse gas emissions is public and accessible to all.

The Founders.

Robin Lechelle
Co-founder & CEO
Romain Velasquez

A platform, without a line of code.

What does it mean ? was designed with great so-called "no-code" tools.

These tools allow you to create websites, applications, platforms or even video games without having to code in a programming language.

They make it possible to reduce development costs and time, to be flexible in the development and evolution of the service and to have the same capacities and functionalities as the largest startups.

To find out more about no-code, we invite you to join the very united No-Code France community, [here], which supports entrepreneurs in practicing and learning no-code.

(And who helped us to create the platform, we thank them very much! ❤️)

Discover the list of our tools below:
Website design tool
We use it for the interface of the platform: the design and the navigation features.
Automation and app integration tool
We use it to interconnect all no-code tools and automate tedious tasks.
Spreadsheet-Database Tool
We use it to manage data and perform functions like our CO2 emissions estimate calculations.
Community management tool
We use it to enable user login & signup to turn Webflow into a collaborative platform.
Mapping tool
We use it for the choice of places, retrieving GPS coordinates and calculating road routes.
We use it for hosting your photos.
Photo hosting tool
"Feature box for Webflow"
We use it for certain platform functions, such as search or filters.
Online payment tool, secure and reliable
We use it to manage online payments in a 100% secure manner.

Ils nous soutiennent.

Ils nous soutiennent.

Join us and help us build the platform.

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