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Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers frequently asked questions from community members.
What is your methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions?

We estimate your greenhouse gas emissions, in CO2 equivalent, when you add routes to your trip. The calculation is simple: distance * emission factor.

What is the price of the service?

Creating an account and sharing your trips on Jalay is completely free. On the other hand, we take a commission of 5% for each donation made on the platform.

What does the 5% commission correspond to when making a donation?

You pay a 5% commission which helps cover the platform's payment, hosting and service costs.

How to know the carbon footprint of my trip?

After having published your trip, go to the "My trips" tab of your dashboard to have access to the list of your trips and their carbon footprint. On the page dedicated to your carbon footprint, you have the opportunity to contribute to carbon neutrality.

Is it possible to switch my profile and trips to private mode?

No, all profiles and their trips are public and accessible to everyone at this time. Private mode should be available in a future version of the platform.

How can I be sure that my donations are used wisely by your partners?

We are committed to auditing each of our partners to ensure the reliability, transparency and traceability of donations. The first 5 partners of the platform have been recognized as being of public utility, thus ensuring their financial stability and disinterested management.

Is it possible to finance several partners?

Yes. If you select several partners when making your donation, the amount of your donation will be shared in proportion to the number of partners selected.

Is my donation secure?

Yes, your donation is completely secure with our payment partner, Stripe. Sensitive information is encrypted and no banking data is stored in our database.

I am an organization and I want to be present on Jalay, what should I do?

You can contact us at the following address: We will respond as soon as possible.

Are you contributing to the carbon neutrality of your technology?

First, we are committed to reducing the ecological impact of our technology as much as possible, which translates into an "at cost" policy: we only pay for what we really NEED to consume. Finally, we will use the profits of the company to contribute to carbon neutrality, after having drawn up our carbon footprint with external consultants.