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Fondation Good Planet

The mission of the GoodPlanet Foundation is to make all stakeholders aware of environmental issues.

It implements field projects around five major themes (biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, waste and education) in order to preserve our planet.

All over the world, these development projects are helping to improve the environment and the quality of life of the populations involved and to fight against climate change. The Foundation also enables philanthropists to support projects with strong environmental and social impacts, whether they are field projects or educational projects on the environment and solidarity.

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Time for the Planet

Time for the Planet is a non-profit investment fund that wants to create and finance 100 companies to fight against greenhouse gases by raising 1 billion euros from companies and committed citizens.

France is now global, its success lies in its management and governance, each donor becomes a shareholder and can take part in important decisions during general meetings. ‍

The fund wants to fight against climate change by tackling 20 major problems to stop emissions:
- Construct positive energy passive buildings,
- Produce, store and distribute carbon-free energy without critical resources,
- Increase the lifespan of goods, reuse and recycle, Realize the energy renovation of buildings,
- Manufacture and transform goods and materials without fossil sources,
- Travel without using fossil fuels, Cultivate without petrochemicals,
- Improve the energy return rate of renewable solutions,
- Reduce losses and recover heat fatal,
- Improve the energy performance of transport and logistics,
- Regenerate agricultural land,
- Heating and air conditioning without HFCs or fossil fuels,
- Making the network intelligent to manage demand,
- Optimizing the movement of goods and people,
- Developing a healthy diet without GHG emitters,
- Capture the GHGs emitted by power plants (gas and coal),
- Capture the GHGs emitted by factories,
- Capture the GHGs emitted by vehicles,
- Secure and develop natural carbon sinks,
- Use carbon-storing materials.

Become a shareholder of the planet by joining the first global citizen movement dedicated to the fight against climate change.

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Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l'Homme

The mission of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man is to contribute to a metamorphosis of our societies by changing individual and collective behavior. This metamorphosis aims to ensure the preservation of the common natural heritage, the equitable sharing of resources, solidarity and respect for diversity in all its forms.

In addition to its educational role on environmental issues for the general public and political, the foundation supports projects working for the ecological and solidarity transition of our territories. For 30 years, it has invested more than € 6.2 million to finance around 3,000 projects.

By becoming a donor to the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Humanity, you are committing to a modern and societal approach to ecology while providing concrete support to an emblematic organization.

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Greenpeace (France)

Greenpeace is an international organization.
It is present on all continents and all oceans thanks to its 28 national and regional offices and its three ships.

It has over three million members around the world who support and act with it. Greenpeace is an organization independent of states, political and economic powers. Greenpeace is not supported by any party, nor does it support any. T

his political independence is based on total financial independence. The organization lives only on contributions from individuals who have chosen to support its approach.

All the campaigns led by Greenpeace help respond to the climate emergency and the erosion of biodiversity by acting on the root causes of these disturbances.

You can participate in Greenpeace campaigns for free, by being one of their signatories. Go to the project page to sign it!

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Creation date :
Sea Sheperd

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd is the most combative ocean advocacy NGO in the world.

Sea Shepherd works on three major axes: Going beyond protest and intervening actively and nonviolently in cases of unlawful attacks on marine life and marine ecosystems.

Exposing abuses and unsustainable or unethical practices affecting marine life and the integrity of marine ecosystems by alerting the media and public opinion Raising public awareness to the essential link which connects us to the ocean through various interventions in festivals, schools, organization of conferences, exhibitions, publications, films, etc ...

Sea Shepherd is 100% independent and does not benefit from any State subsidy in order to guarantee his freedom of speech and action.

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